April Flower

Which is the April Flower? Learn more about the April flower, the Sweet Pea, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

April Birth Flower:
Sweet pea is the birth flower for people born in April. It has a sweet and light fragrance and symbolizes eternal pleasure. People born in this month are exuberant and naturally spread cheer all around them; they do not take life too seriously, but make it big with their natural leadership qualities.

About The April Flower:
The sweet pea plant has purple colored flowers and is believed to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean region. The leaves are delicate and the plant is grown for commercial purposes. The flowers come in different colors and are at times bi-colored.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
'Lathyrus odoratus' is the scientific name for sweet pea. It gets its name from the Latin words ‘Lathyrus’ and ‘Odoratus’, Lathyrus meaning pea and Odoratus meaning fragrance.

The Sweet Pea stands for innocence and pleasure. It also symbolises a child-like nature and in the Victorian times, sweet pea signified warm memories.

It was Henry Eckford who cross bred and developed the Sweet Pea. It is used for medicinal purposes, but oo much of it can be bad for the health. It can be seen making appearances on holidays such as Good Friday, Easter and Palm Sunday.