December Flower

Which is the December Flower? Learn more about the December flower, the Narcissus, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

December Birth Flower:
Narcissus is the birth flower of December. It has a strong smell and signifies numbness. The people with Narcissus as the birth flower are strong willed and can fight their way through any situation. They are also family people who shower their loved ones with a lot of love. They follow a systematic and logical approach to life.

About The December Flower:
Including the wild hybrids there are about 100 species of the narcissus plant and are believed to have originated in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

They come in different colors and it is not unusual to see one flower with a lot of colors. They can also be grown indoors and usually bloom during the spring season.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
Many believe that the flower got its name owing to its narcotic properties. The Greek work ‘Narco’ means to go numb. Another Greek connection that the flower has it that Apollo changed Narcissus into a flower as he was very fond of his own reflection and displeased Apollo.

The Narcissus flower stands for success, wealth and merriment. The Victorians ascribed the sentiment of Faithful love to the flower.

It has an alkaloid poison called 'lycorine' and is also called as Daffodil.