July Flower

Which is the July Flower? Learn more about the July flower, the Larkspur, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

July Birth Flower:
Larkspur is the birth flower for people born in July and it signifies luck. The peole with this birth flower are thought to have a wicked sense of humor and are quite dashing to look at. They are extremely devoted to their families and are warm and pleasant to move with.

About The July Flower:
It is tall and spiky and there are about 300 species. Native to the Northern Hemisphere and High Mountains of Africa, it flowers between late spring and summer. The flower has five petals and come in different colors.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
'Delphinium' is the scientific name and was named after the shape it gets when it is opening. Lark's heel, Lark's claw and Knight's spur are other common names it is referred by. Other than signifying luck, it also stands for happiness and laughter.

It is called the water lily at times and some species can be quite lethal when ingested. Owing to their near extinct status, some of their flowering locations are still not disclosed. People wear these floers to celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July.