June Flower

Which is the June Flower? Learn more about the June flower, the Rose, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

June Birth Flower:
Rose is the flower for June. It has a sweet scent and symbolises love and deep passions. The people with rose as their birth flower are romantics, mushy and make friends easily. They are also highly adaptable and do so without any complaints. They can be trusted and never fail to deliver.

About The June Flower:
The rose is native to Asia, and various places in Europe and North America. It has a high commercial value and is used as gifts, make oils, perfumes and other cosmetic products.

Roses come in various colors. There has been a lot of breeding within the plants, and it is possible to find a single rose with two or three colors. The flower is quite beautiful to look at, but one has to be careful with the plant as it contains a lot of thorns.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
'Rosa' is the latin word from which Rose gets its name. 'Gillyflower' and 'clove pink' are other names.
Rosa Canina - Dog Rose
Rosa Gallica - Gallic Rose
Rosa Virginiana - Virginia Rose are the scientific names for some of the few popular species.

The June birth flower - Although Roses signify love and passion, the different colors mean different things. Red rose stands for romance, pink for gratitude, white roses for peace and yellow ones signify friendship. They also make classy gifts.

England and United States have the rose as their national flower. The states of Iowa, New York, Georgia and North Dakota also have them as their state flower. The ‘Rose Hip’ , a fruit found in some species is a good source of Vitamin C. Roses are in demand throughout the year, though the demand hits a peak around Valentines Day.