March Flower

Which is the March Flower? Learn more about the March flower, the Daffodil, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

March Birth Flower:
Daffodil is the flower for March and symbolises hope. People with this as their birth flower are peace lover and just as the flower symbolises hope they too are eternally hopeful of a better future. Artistic, with stupendous design skills, they make great inroads in creative works. Caring nature and sympathy for the less fortunate are few other traits they have.

About The March Flower:
The early daffodils can be traced back to Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK and Wales. The flower is a beautiful pale yellow and the leaves are long and greenish grey in color. The plant grows up to 2 feet. Daffodils herald spring in a way as they are the first ones to bloom.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
'Narcissus pseudonarcissus' is the scientific name and it is commonly referred to as the wild Daffodil, Jonquils or the lent lily as it grows around the lent season.. The other common names are 'wild Daffodil' and 'Lent Lily'.

Maybe cause it grows around spring and is bright, it stands for hope and new beginnings. The pale yellow is also not too hard on the eye, making it a wonderful gift.

Daffodil is the favoured flower on Saint Davidís Day and Saint Patricks Day. It is also the national flower of Wales and Glouchestire has it as its county flower. For all its beauty, it is also poisonous.