November Flower

Which is the November Flower? Learn more about the November flower, the Chrysanthemum, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

November Birth Flower:
Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for November. It is a decorative flower that symbolises secret love. The people with chrysanthemums as their birth flower are pleasing and genial in nature. They are also very honest and are very practical thinkers, leaving little room for emotions.

About The November Flower:
This flower is a native of Eurasia and there are about 30 species. The Chinese have been cultivating since the 15th century. It is quite expensive and signifies class. It is also a favourite of florists the world over.

It blooms in later summer and fall and grows up to 150 cms. The cultivated flowers are white while the wild flowers come in yellow and pink.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
The Greek words “Chrysos’ and ‘Anthos’ meaning gold and flower give the chrysanthemum its name. Mums and Chrysanths are other common names.

It signifies love, class and respect although the Victorians used it to signify friendship.

- It is the National flower of Japan.
- There is also a Chinese city named 'Chu-Hsien' which means 'Chrysanthemum city'.