September Flower

Which is the September Flower? Learn more about the September flower, the Aster, and the various meanings that it tends to depict.

September Birth Flower:
Aster is the birth flower for September and signifies contentment. The people with this as their birth flower are quite focused about leading a good life. They are perfectionists who cut out their path quite clearly. They are great listeners and awesome communicators. Energetic and hardworking they sure get what they strive for.

About The September Flower:
Native to Asia and Europe Asters, they number about 180 species. They are very pretty to look at and are favourites to grow in gardens and given as gifts. The different species have different physical properties

The different species of Aster birth flowers show varying physical features. They grow during the summer and come in vibrant colors like pink, purple and white.

Meaning of Name and Symbolic Meaning:
The Asters are star shaped and get their name from the Greek word “Aster” which means star. They are also called starworts.
Aster Alpinus - Alpine Aster
Aster Amellus - Italian Aster
Aster Linosyris - Goldilocks Aster are the scientific names of some of the popular species.

The conflicting emotions of love, contentment, devotion and weakness are all signified by Asters. Sending Asters in the Victorian era meant that you cared.

Since the protestors wore Aster flowers during the Hungarian revolution in 1918, the revolution was called Aster Revolution. Labor Day, patriot’s Day and Grandfather’s Day are some of the days where Asters play a significant role. People even believes that burning Aster leaves drove away evil spirits.